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The Powder of Sympathy, 2015

Diving deep into the often obscure global flow of materials, in this instance copper, The Powder of Sympathy sets in motion a frantic flow of images combined with feverish pounding, hissing and rattling sounds sourced from West Africa, the USA and China. The video is a one-channel version of Tuomas A. Laitinen’s four-channel video installation [...]

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Deep Time Séance @ Kiasma Theatre, Oct 2015

Deep Time Séance: Contamination is a gathering that meditates the circulation and accumulation of manmade toxins, the increasing pollution of our everyday surroundings, of places that feel distant to us and of our increasingly plastic bodies. The séance is organised as part of / festival that takes place on Oct 14–18 at Kiasma Theatre. The [...]

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Sweet Spot of No Escape, 2014

A three channel sound installation, ultrasonic speakers and performers. Costumes by Daniel Palillo.
Extracts from the script:

Photograph: Ari Karttunen / EMMA

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Conductor, Matti Ahopelto concert @ EMMA

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Conductor 2014

4-channel video installation
Photo: Ari Karttunen / EMMA

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Directors lounge in Berlin

AV-arkki is proud to announce that six works have been selected to the programme of Directors Lounge, Berlin through AV-arkki’s distribution.
Directors lounge, the cult media art and film happening in Berlin, has been growing year after year. Now it’s time to celebrate the 10th edition of the event.This year the Directors lounge will host [...]

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Screenings in Times Museum, Guangzhou

My work This Way will be part of Times Museum´s Screening Season, in the N-minutes video art festival section of the program.

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Light boxes 2012-2013

From the exhibition Maps and Mazes, Helsinki Contemporary.

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Reality Bites exhibition at Kiasma

Reality Bites – Document in Contemporary Art at Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum in Helsinki 2.11.2012 – 10.3.2013.
Museum of Oblivion, a collaborative work of Tuomas Aleksander Laitinen and Tatu Tuominen will be on display in the exhibition.
Occupying three entire floors of the museum, the exhibition explores the use of documentarism in contemporary art.

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Three Levels performance

Three levels is a concert/performance in which the audience is granted access undergroud to have a unique experience. Recordings from underground are recycled as raw material for the performance and further processed into electronic music.
The sound and music will be composed by Arch of Neo (Matti Pentikäinen & Niclas Kristiansson). The visual elements are [...]

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