Installation view, Kunsthalle Helsinki 2010

rising_blogiin Rising, 2010
Still from the video

Production still

A film by Tuomas Laitinen
HD video, stereo sound
Running time: 16.53″
edition 5 + ap

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Last Meal Menu @ Art Goes Kapakka

My site specific installation “Last Meal Menu” is showing 19-28.8.2010 at Restaurant KuuKuu in Helsinki. The show is part of Art Goes Kapakka- festival.

“Last meal menu” deals with nutrition and death. It consists of posters and menu booklets that document some of the final meal requests of death row prisoners.


The question is: what would you have as your last meal? Justice, equality or maybe world peace?

Last meal menu #2, inkjet on canvas, 104 x 140 cm, 2010
Silkscreen printed editions coming up in the fall.

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“Rising”, a new film installation @ Kunsthalle Helsinki Studio

My new film will be shown at Kunsthalle Helsinki´s studio room 21.8.-10.10.2010. The film is a meditation on the grounds of an abandoned power plant.

More info: www.taidehalli.fi

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Shown as part of Place/Space: Exhibition curated by Edwina Goldstone:

Open 1.-30.6.2010 Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm, Saturday 11 am - 4 pm. Closed 25.-27.6. Free entrance. Voimala is located opposite Riihimäki Railway Station

Inertia, a variation of car theme installation previously examined in Vanishing Point (Korjaamo Helsinki) and Ghost Drive, (Urban studies, Shanghai, China) is exhibited in Voimala, Riihimäki, as a part of Place/Space -exhibition. Inertia installation is strongly connected with Voimala as a unique and vanishing place. Installation is in connection with themes such as movement and stillness, energy and and its disappearence, growth and death. Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion. Jukka Korpihete and Tuomas Laitinen have also composed the music heard in the background.

“Inertia”, 2010, detail of an installation:


Upcoming shows 2010 (more info about these soon):
Helsinki Art Hall studio, august
Art+Shanghai gallery,
Shanghai, China, november, w/ Tatu Tuominen & Chinese artists.
Kellarigalleria, Oulu: a collaboration with Jaakko Mattila, august 2010
Art goes Kapakka festival: Installation @ Restaurant KuuKuu, august.

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Video documentation of TYPHOON STAGE

A live video installation. Shown here at Gallery Huoltamo, Tampere, Finland


Quicktime movie here (2:30)

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Video documentation of GHOST DRIVE

The process and the installation phase of “Ghost Drive” by Korpihete & Laitinen.
Shanghai, China, 2010.


Quicktime video here (6 minutes)
Opens in new window.

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Typhoon Stage 2010

Stage 1: Carousel
Installation view from Gallery Huoltamo, Tampere.


The result of stages 1 & 2 (screenshots from videos)


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News, March 2010

29.3.–5.4 Mediapyhät exhibition @ Gallery Rajatila, Tampere
Korpihete & Laitinen will show one of the video installations from the “Vanishing point” series.

At the same time I´m opening a show in Gallery Huoltamo, a window display gallery in Tampere. The show will open on 25th of march and it is called “Typhoon Stage”.


Also, I just finished a video work that was made in collaboration with Pan Jianfeng, a visual artist based in Shanghai.


Screenshot of the video “Belly Dance” by Tuomas Laitinen & Pan Jianfeng, 2010

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“Ghost Drive” by Korpihete & Laitinen @ URBAN STUDIES, the NUT space, Shanghai


Korpihete & Laitinen “Ghost Drive”, 2010.
Chinese car, white feathers, strobe light, air blower & sound.

First part of the work was a performance. We towed the white car in the streets of Shanghai to the gallery space with a motorcycle taxi. In the gallery, a snow storm was created to the cabin of the vehicle by using feathers and air blowers.

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URBAN STUDIES - Interdisciplinary perspectives to urban life forms
Thursday January 21st, 2010, 6pm onwards

Urban Studies discusses the possibilities of sustainability in an urban environment. The project brings together various art practitioners in order to discuss and share ideas on the issues of sustainability, urban planning and development in the context of urban life forms.

Curated by:
Aura Seikkula in collaboration with Marita Muukkonen, HIAP and Diana Freundl
Participating artists:
Jukka Korpihete & Tuomas Laitinen, Karri Kuoppala, Sauli Sirviö and Jenni Valorinta.

The NUT Lab
1147 Kangding Rd. (Corner with South Wuning Lu) 1/F, Bld E, Room 102, Shanghai

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